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Zoomshoppe.com started off with a clear intention to offer fine art to its customers by independent artists; irrespective of where they are globally. We offer creative products ranging from Apparels to Art prints and we are adding more. So if you are looking for a quirky mobile case or spellbinding wall frame or any other strikingly attractive product, just browse through our curated collection and you won’t have to look elsewhere.

Client Name





Bulk Product generator, Product Designer, Online Shop, Commission Management


Opencart, PHP, Fabric


Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, PayuMoney, Tawlk, Mailchimp


Client wanted to start a portal connecting designers and consumers. Offering Designers to upload artwork and generate products with their artwork. Create sales and commission management for customers and designers.

Phase 1:

We created independent tool for creating image using mask and background. Then we composite the full image as a product image. We created a script to perform this on bulk of 120 products. The script was able to generate 120 products images in 3 minutes. After this process we created Independent backend for users to create products. After completion of product module, commission system was developed.

Phase 2:

opencart website creation was done to provide easy management of products, billing , shipping and marketing. Opencart was able to take products created with the independent tool and sell it on the storefront.

Phase 3:

Overall system was created which included task to connect all the independent systems to work together as a whole providing designer easy to use interface and easy shopping experience. The site was transferred to a VPN server where all the automated scripts and cron jobs were set.

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