Roadway Divider Curtains

Roadway Divider Curtains

Roadway Divider Curtains is a concept to avoid night time accidents by adding reflectors in between highway space. This divider has a solar cell in them to generate electricity during daytime and serving light at the night time.

Client Name

Mukesh Umrawala




Explainer Video, Physics Simulation, 3D animation



Video Process:

With the initial script provided, we started modeling the characters and highway scene. After approval of first frame, we created whole video in parts. This video has more than 50 cuts. So the approach was to create a part of video and get the approval and render it. As the 3D rendering is time consuming process, we provided client with greyscale renders so they can visualize the animation in real time. After every cut is rendered, we did a composite shot of everything we had and made a seamless video. Since this video was focugin the real world problem, It had to feel more intense. Hence the selection of music took a major part in the video. The progressive music grabs intention of the viewer immediately and then product showcase shows the benefits of having the roadway divider curtains. Everything works perfectly together when video is watched.

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