They are about natural nutrition, real ingredients and real food products. No fancy processes or shortcuts here! They are manufacturer of chia’s black seeds selling various products of chia seeds for human and their pets.

Client Name

Virgen Nutrition




Web Development, Online Store, Parallax Website,Recipe Blog, Graphics


HTML, Wordpress ( Backend )


Google Analytics, Paypal


To create parallax website to engage customers and generate online lead they needed unique concept with their products and product presentation.

Phase 1:

We came up with a mouse scrolling and content revealing concept for their Chia Jar as that was the main thing they wanted to showcase. We developed fully interactive page with multiple layers of product images. The main product was travelling through various sections of the website grabbing the main attraction towards itself.

Phase 2:

We used wooCommerce to create a shop and Wordpress backend to manage recipe blogs. There was a userend to provide recipes for the users who bought it. we developed frontend registration and recepie posting form for registered users.

Phase 3:

Unfortunately this website never made it alive because of the companies internal issues. The product was shutdown and this website is just for display as it was work worth 3 months and it’s concept is worth sharing.


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