Cancer Connect

Cancer Connect

Cancer Connect provides an easy to use Medical Appointment & Script Diary with phone alarm notifications to help you stay on top of appointments and your scripts and daily medication doses.

Client Name

Cancer Connection




Web Development, Wordpress Blog, Wordpress Community




Google Analytics, MailChimp


Client wanted to build a website for connecting cancer patients, families, carers & doctors worldwide. A website will be spin off for marketing their existing app.

Phase 1:

We created WordPress theme from a base theme and created home indexing all the possible highlights of the website and their app.

Phase 2:

We created forms for gatring all the data that can help building their community.There are different forms for Medical aid, Volunteering and Medical Professionals Registration.

Phase 3:

Site was made live on a Marion's special day and site is helping more people to helpout building their onine community.

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